Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc.

Adoption: Adoptable Dogs

Name: Queenie
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 7 yrs.
Weight: 17 Pounds
Vaccinations: Current
Heartworm: Positive
Queenie came into Rescue with a super-large tumor on her back. Poor little girl....... we were contacted by the shelter manager when the aspirate came back malignant. She was such a happy little girl that they wanted to see her have some chance at survival. They even came in 2 hrs. before opening to meet our transport volunteer who drove her all the way down to Daytona. One of our adopters, Dan Bandklayder, Esq. (Miami), was in meetings up in Ft. Pierce, so he sent his driver on up to Daytona to pick her up. They will be transporting her straight down to South Florida where the surgeon is located. Tomorrow she will go to the Vet for preliminary blood work and a good physical, and hopefully, will have the surgery next week. We can sure use your help to help her, as the surgery and after-care is going to be expensive. On Saturday when we got the bloodwork back we had some good news, and some bad news. The good news was that her organs were functioning well enough to do surgery to remove the tumor; the bad news was that she is heartworm positive. If she makes it through the surgery with no ill effects we are going to need to address how we are going to treat her for the heartworms. Oct. 9, 2014 Queenie's surgery was successful, and the Doctor is confident that we got it all. There has been no regrowth noted anywhere. We are now addressing the heartworm issue with the "slow kill" method, while monitoring her very closely. We are desperately looking for a foster home for her, where she can get some one-on-one attention. Please help us to help this little girl, who has been so terribly neglected for so very long..........any amount will help, but please try to find a way to send something. We can't do this king of Rescue.........the kind that is needed most......without your help.

Name: Hope
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 14+
Weight: 18 Pounds
Vaccinations: Current
Heartworm: Negative
Hope is so happy in her foster home, that we have decided (since she thinks it is her home) that she will stay where she is for as long as she has........ When we first got he last April, they said she only had "maybe a few weeks" to live. She had almost 30 tumors of varying sizes removed, and has been going strong ever since.