Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc.


We only adopt out Boston Terriers to residents of Florida. If you are not residing in Florida, but wish to adopt a Boston Terrier, please go to the Boston Terrier Rescue Network which is national.

When you adopt a Boston Terrier from us, you become a member of our extended family. We encourage whatever level of participation you choose to help promote our adoption program. If you wish to become an active volunteer, please let us know. We are staffed totally by unpaid volunteers, so your skills are important to us.

Thank you for your interest in Boston Terrier Rescue. We feel that Boston's are simply the best all-around breed we've ever known, and many others share this opinion.

Your application will help us to understand your expectations so that we don't make an obvious mismatch. We assess the environment you offer, looking at factors such as time at home, children and their ages, other pets, fenced yard, and many other data points. Why? Because we want to place deserving animals in homes that will be as nearly perfect for you both as possible! Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida Inc. - Meet Jeb, one of our Bostons who found a loving home.

Sometimes a placement occurs within weeks, while at other times, it may take months. Requirements vary with the animal being placed. Some Boston Terriers must have a fenced yard because they are active and need exercise, while others are quite happy to live in apartments and go out on a leash from time to time. Some Boston Terriers get along very well with other animals, and some definitely do not. Young children may be a plus in placing some Boston Terriers, but a safety concern in others. Some animals don't mind being left alone while their humans are away at work, but it drives others crazy!

So, unless we have the perfect Boston Terrier for your total environment, we won't place a dog with you, even though we might have one at the time of your application. It is not a first-come-first-served situation: the application goes into our active file and stays there until we find the right fit for you. We cannot respond to applications just to say that we have no match at the moment; you will only hear from us when we believe we have the right fit! We also have no budget for long distance calls, and simply can't call to acknowledge each applicant. When we have a rescue that seems to be in line with your needs, we will call and talk with you to get more information. At that point, if we both agree that this is the rescue for you, we will probably arrange for a home visit. You can be certain of this: we will never place a rescue unless we are convinced that it is a great fit for both the family and the Boston Terrier.

If you don't hear from us right away after you send in your completed application, you'll know that we don't have the right fit for you at that time. We promise that we will be in touch when the right rescue comes along. In return, we ask that you do us the courtesy of letting us know if you decide to take a dog from some other source. This will enable us to remove you from our active file and focus on those that remain.

Thanks again for your application. Be patient, as we are working as much on your behalf as on that of the wonderful animals that pass through our organization.